Testimonials About Our Tyler, TX Dental Lab

We believe that our clients are the best judges of the quality and service we provide. Read what our clients are saying about us below.

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I would like to praise Elite Ceramics for finally giving me a front tooth that allows me to smile again. The color of my front tooth is very difficult to match due to the many shades involved in the tooth. This time last year I started procedures to make this tooth an implant tooth. So recently after almost a year of completing the implant procedure , it came time to develop a tooth. The first company failed several times in developing the correct color. Bianka came to the rescue and developed a tooth that matches my other front tooth. She took the time to meet me at the dentist office to put the final touches to this tooth so it would appear natural. I have some translucent to my tooth which makes it very difficult to match. She is the best and really cares that you are happy with her results. She is a true artist when it comes to making your tooth match. Thank you for giving me a smile and the ability to enjoy smiling again!!!

- Mary Haislet

Excellent service & work. Has made my life easier!!!

- Gerald Gray

We have been using Elite Ceramics exclusively for a little over a year and couldn't be happier with Bianka's work. She is an absolute perfectionist. She accommodates us in every way. If we have a time sensitive case she makes it work and she is always available to come over and do custom shade matching.

- Matthew Gillespie